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STARDOG is the second enemy Commander the player faces. His strength rating is MINIMAL. He is slightly more challenging than FANCYBOT, with marginally more powerful Cards and a heavier reliance on Tactics. He is incapable of saying anything but his own name, which is still pretty impressive for a dog.


STARDOG was added to the game at the time of the Android release in order to give players someone easier to beat on before facing CPL. KRAK, whose suicide bomber tactics can be tough for new players to counter.

Strategic Tips[]

STARDOG is an all-rounder type player, so you need to make sure all of your lanes are covered, but has a lot of weak units and doesn't summon more than two cards in a lane a turn, so choose a lane where you'll mount your main offense, put in some push units and you can basically push his units back into his own base and be firing into planet Stardog.