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SGT. BLOK is the fifth enemy Commander that the player faces. His units are among the hardest to overcome in the game, as they're pumped with high HP and ARMOR and are exclusively Push Units. Due to this, his strength rating is RESILIENT. He's light on Tactics, but his SHOUT! will strip away up to 3 of the Offensive Units in your hand.

Strategic Tips[]

When attacking SGT. BLOK, the most stupid thing you can possibly do is not use Push Units. Even if you throw in a MUTATE MULTIBOX or an SMC P1 TANK, the Push Units will just push your Units back into your base before they get a chance to do anything. If your troops don't have enough firepower, put some Push Units in so he can't do much before you strike back. Tactics such as ARMOR RESUPPLY! and GUNG HO! are really useful, as SGT. BLOK can only do low damage, meaning even your offensive troops will be "invincible". You can get past 100 overkill if you do it right.

Cards to Collect[]