Medals are awarded for fulfilling certain challenging conditions while fighting enemy Commanders. There are 19 medals per Commander, for a grand total of 133 possible medals. Currently, medals confer no advantage other than the XP bonus they grant at the end of combat. Medals can be achieved multiple times for the XP bonus, but the medal screen before combat only tracks whether or not the medals have been fulfilled.

List of medalsEdit

  • Barbarian - Deploy only Offensive Units
  • Hoplite - Deploy only Push Units
  • Tactician - Deploy only Tactics
  • Perfectionist - Never hit the C Button
  • Epic Star Nerd - Deploy 6 or more cards every turn
  • True Calculord - Use 18 or more numbers every turn
  • Krypto King - Score 50,000 points in a single game
  • Border Guard - Never take damage to your base
  • Indestructable - Never lose a unit
  • Purple Heart - Win with 1 HP remaining
  • Compactor - Squash 20 enemy units
  • Master Killer - Kill 10 units in one turn
  • Invader - Fill an entire lane with your units
  • Juggernaut - Win on the first turn
  • Under Siege - Battle for 30 turns
  • Shock and Awe - Deal 40 damage in one turn
  • Surgeon - Heal or repair 40 HP
  • Collector - Win 1 of every card from this foe
  • Epic Collector - Win 3 of every card from this foe
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