Calculords Wiki
Duty Tactics
Type Lane
Rarity Common
Effect Deal 1 damage to all non-FLYING Units in target lane
Cost 6


GUERRILLA STRIKE! is one of the two fundamental Tactics cards, along with GUNG HO!. When deployed, GUERRILLA STRIKE! does 1 point of damage to all non-FLYING units in a single lane. One of the most basic uses GUERRILLA STRIKE! has is taking out one or more 1 HP enemy units in a single lane, making it highly effective against some weaker Mutate cards and a cheaper alternative to deploying several weak offensive cards in a single lane. The only downside of the card is its inability to damage FLYING units, which is a relatively small downside because of the relatively low number of FLYING units available. In addition, it can be used to weaken stronger enemy units, though cards with ARMOR will be immune to GUERRILLA STRIKE!'s single damage point. GUERRILLA STRIKE! is included in the starter deck, and due to its single digit deployment cost and multiple uses, GUERRILLA STRIKE! is a card worth having at least one of until obtaining alternatives like STRAFING RUN!.