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FANCYBOT is the first enemy Commander that the player faces. His strength rating is POLITE; he has mostly small HP and AP cards that are easily defeated but low in cost. These politeness safeguards have been known to fail under the duress of combat, causing him to mock the player's weight. His honesty protocols also often get overloaded during this time, causing him to admit such things as the fact that his body was originally designed to be a butt plug, that (like an Earth hot dog) he is an inedible casing filled with garbage, and that his processing circuits are made from moon trash.

These malfunctions cause him to be an easy target for the player, providing a good source of starter cards and XP.

Strategic Tips[]

  • FANCYBOT always skips a couple of his early turns due to–well, he's dumb.
  • Fittingly, the best strategy for beating FANCYBOT (with the starter deck) is one of the most basic approaches in the game: Put as many units as possible into one lane, and just barely hold back the enemy in the other two lanes. One unit can hold back an entire column of units (except when push units are involved).
  • By receiving a CALCULORD BONUS!!!!!!! even occasionally, it is easily possible to simply overwhelm FANCYBOT due to his very slow deployment rate. Cards like ZETA COMPANY, which deploy several units at once, make this strategy quick and good for grinding to receive multiples of all of FANCYBOT's cards.

Cards to Collect[]