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CPL. KRAK is the third enemy Commander that the player faces. She has been driven insane by the horrors of combat, and was sent to the planetary asylum of ZOM. Within a week, she had taken over ZOM and turned its inhabitants into her own personal army; the largest standing human army left after HATE BIT's attack. Despite this fact, she's not above converting her soldiers into suicide bombers; because of this, her strength rating is EXPLOSIVE.

She often shouts crazy things at the player during battle, such as "The night wind can always carry one more scream!"

Krak has in her deck one of the few unwinnable cards in the game. KRAK'S KRAZIES are the same as a SECTION EIGHTER, just with a different name.

Strategic Tips[]

  • She does not have any push cards in her deck. This makes your push cards much more effective against her.
  • She will only deploy KRAK'S KRAZIES into Lane B. They end up being spaced out so that the SELF DESTRUCT ability will chain-react, killing the entire lane with a single shot. You can therefore wait until the Krazies are getting close to your base before sending a 1 AP unit into that lane.
  • The exception to the above is when she uses the ASTRO NINJAS! tactic. One ASTRO NINJA unit is deployed in Lane B and it can interrupt the chain reaction.
  • Don't let the KRAZIES get too close to your base before you take them out. The SELF DESTRUCT ability can harm your base.

Cards to Collect[]